We are a newly established company specializing in complex technologies of all kinds. Our mission is to make knowledge and technology more accessible to all, regardless of social and economic status. We achieve this through honest pricing and purposeful creativity.

Server and backend

Cloud services can be found everywhere today, but unfortunately they are often ineffective and expensive. We build backend architecture tailored to individual needs cost-effectively by hand and thus drastically minimize running costs.

Databases, compute clusters, web applications, REST APIs, mail servers, you name it.


Fake e-mails, leaked customer data and blackmail malware are unfortunately part of everyday life these days. One usually only becomes aware of them when it is alreaedy too late. However, if you protect yourself preventively, many attacks cannot harm you.

We are up to date on security exploits and can help you uncover vulnerabilities and secure your data.

Technical consulting and workshops

We have a deep understanding of the latest scientific advances in mathematics, computer science, data science, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. In addition, we understand how to communicate these complicated topics in an easily understandable way.

We consult, offer workshops or explore the feasibility of technical ideas.

Complex algorithms

The server is running slowly? A calculation takes days? You were told that what you have in mind is too complicated and not feasible? Or do you need some software or hardware to be reverse engineered?

We enjoy complexity and solve the problems that others prefer to keep their hands off.


Craftsmanship and programming are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. Yet the two go together perfectly. That's why we not only program, but also build hardware.

We develop ideas for new technical devices, build prototypes and tinker with technical gadgets.


We believe that enthusiasm and motivation can awaken the technical expert in everyone! Moreover, educating more people to become nerds has a multi-layered added value for society.

We provide non-profit support for educational projects in the STEM subjects or help to launch such projects.

What is a comonoid?

Monoids are one of the most fundamental building blocks of mathematics and therefore also of physics and nature. They are everywhere! A monoid is a collection of objects together with an operation that fuses two of those objects into a new object. Mathematicians often express this with the following diagram.

You already know two monoidal structures: The addition or multiplication of numbers. In both operations, two numbers are combined to form a new number.

But what is a comonoid?

A comonoid is obtained by turning a monoid upside down, literally. Or in other words, if you have an operation that does not make one out of two objects, but divides one object into two new ones.

This may seem somewhat counterintuitive at first glance, but especially in quantum physics and computer science you can find many comonoids. In particular, they play a major role in quantum computing.

Comonoids form a helpful concept that came about through clever thinking outside the box. This is exactly the philosophy we follow when solving problems.